About us

M. Denis St-Cyr is the founder of “Aménagement Paysager D. St-Cyr inc.” created in August 1977. The company’s primary vocation was to do landscaping from May to October. In the same year, residential snow removal service was added between November to April, therefore permitting the company to operate on an annual basis.

The company has been “certified” in landscaping for more than 28 years with the Association of Professional Landscapers Québec. Mr. Denis St-Cyr was president of the association for the Montreal, Laurentians and Lanaudiere regions during 1987 and 1988.

In the early1990’s, the company added commercial and industrial buildings to its list of residential customers. The company is exclusively dedicated to the commercial clientele since 1995.

Amongst its long lasting clientele, Aménagement Paysager D. St-Cyr inc. has been serving multiple real estate groups, many industrial, commercial and institutional companies.

Aménagement Paysager D. St-Cyr inc. proudly celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2012. The company also operates under the name of Déneigement St-Cyr, as a great majority of its business is generated by snow removal services.

We are now specialized in commercial and industrial snow removal.

Among our clients:

● Shopping malls

● Public transportation services

● Industrial parks

● Institutions

● Office buildings

● Para-municipal

● Hotels

We are specialized in snow clearing the following infrastructures:

● Parking lots

● Sidewalks

● Business entrances

● Large surfaces

● Private roads