Parking lot and large surface snow removal

We are specialized in removing snow from large surfaces. We have all the necessary equipment to be effective and fast in our task, and to be able to offer a very good service.

Sidewalk snow removal

On request, we maintain and clear sidewalks throughout the winter season, as long as it is accompanied by a signed commercial snow removal contract.

Ice management

Déneigement St-Cyr has more than four units available for when conditions worsen and ice starts to form. With our units, we can proceed very quickly with abrasive spreading in your parking lots and on your sidewalks, and we are always ready to face all types of conditions that our winters bring us.

Snow transportation

Once the storm is over, we remove snowbank accumulations, either as stipulated in the contract or on a demand basis. Déneigement St-Cyr has a sufficient number of equipment available in order to remove quickly all accumulated mounds of snow.

Industrial snow blower with large capacity

Déneigement St-Cyr has invested in specialized equipment in order to allow us to meet our clients demands. Our customers can count on quick and safe interventions at all times, even on storm days.

Large capacity industrial snow blowers - Deneigement St-Cyr - Commercial Snow Removal

Manual snow removal

We have a team that makes sure that businesses remain accessible at all times. This service is only offered to customers that have a signed commercial snow removal contract. Déneigement St-Cyr clears the snow on stairs, sidewalks, service doors and wheelchair accesses.

Our services

● 24 hour service, 7 days a week

● 24 hour emergency service

● Commercial snow removal

● Industrial snow removal

● Institutional snow removal

● Ice management – Salt and abrasive spreading

● Professional, courteous and efficient service

● The company maintains a full liability insurance